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Aliyev regime murders six Azeri citizens, and arrests Sheikh Baqirzade, for the third time
by crescent-online

November, 2015
The dictatorial regime in Azerbaijan massacres innocent Muslims, among them Abbas Husein (pictured here) and arrests the leader of the Islamic movement, Sheikh Tale Baqirzade. What has prompted the illegitimate regime to resort to such tactics and whose interests does it serve. We examine the issue as information is still trickling in from Azerbaijan.

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Zionist crimes in Occupied Palestine escalate
by Maryam Abu Zahra

November, 2015
Zionist killing of Palestinians is so common that it hardly evokes a yawn in the Western media. Palestinians are facing vigilante justice at their hands. This has even led to Zionists killing fellow Jews and other bystanders mistaking them for Palestinians.


The nature of Western democracy
by Zafar Bangash

November, 2015
During election campaigns, much excitement is generated to give the masses the illusion of empowerment. After elections, an iron curtain is drawn around elected leaders. They answer not to the masses but to their corporate bosses.


Palestine, Syria, Yemen and the Bani Saud
by Zafar Bangash

November, 2015
The Bani Saud have launched their crusades in Syria and Yemen because they want to impose governments that would be subservient to them. In Palestine, they have abandoned the Palestinians to the non-existent mercies of the Zionists.

News & Analysis

Takfiris on the run after Russian airstrikes
by Yusuf Dhia-Allah

November, 2015
Russian bombing raids have put the takfiri terrorists to flight and exposed the fake bombings of the US and its allies.

Special Reports

US exerts nuclear pressure on Pakistan
by Waseem Shehzad

November, 2015
It was a grave mistake for Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to visit Washington at this time. He got a laundry list of demands from the US including putting its nuclear assets under international supervision!

Editor's Desk

Zionists openly supporting takfiri terrorists in Iraq, Syria

November, 2015
The capture of an Israeli colonel from the Golani Brigade in Iraq’s Anbar Province provides conclusive proof that the Zionists are actively involved with the takfiri terrorists in killings.

Letters To The Editor

Eyewitness account of Hajj disaster

November, 2015
A North American pilgrim, his wife and elderly mother were not able to complete all of their Hajj rites because of Saudi incompetence and callousness.