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No to sectarianism from Leicester to Facebook
by crescent-online.net

October, 2016
Sectarianism is destructive whether indulged in by Sunnis or Shias. It is important for Muslims to be on guard not to fall into this trap since it only benefits the enemies of Islam. In the month of Muharram, some Shia preachers have a tendency to resort to the worst aspects of sectarianism. Such acts do not advance the cause of Islam.

Main Stories

Syria’s ceasefire blown up by US bombing
by Tahir Mahmoud

October, 2016
While the US-Russia brokered ceasefire was not expected to last long, the American air strike on the Syrian air base at Deir az-Zour blew it up in less than a week. Why?


Libya comes full circle in five years
by Zafar Bangash

October, 2016
Five years after Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was publicly lynched, the people of Libya are again turning to the Qaddafi family to save them from the mayhem that has engulfed the country.


Needed: paradigm shift in Muslim thought
by Zafar Bangash

October, 2016
Muslims must break the habit of thinking inside the box. There needs to be a paradigm shift in their thought process to bring about the desired change in their societies.

News & Analysis

Who establishes Hajj rules: Allah or Bani Saud?
by Zafar Bangash

October, 2016
Since the Bani Saud occupied the Arabian Peninsula nearly 100 years ago, they have imposed rules that run contrary to the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. They should not be allowed to get away with this.

Special Reports

Desirable and undesirable change in the Ummah
by Zafar Bangash

October, 2016
Change is a constant in human life. How change is managed, shaped and directed ultimately determines the way people govern their lives.

Editor's Desk

Kashmir cause undermined by Pakistani journalists

October, 2016
What should Pakistan do? Nothing, as far as these journalists are concerned. They are more interested in whiskey and being in the company of Bollywood actresses. What a disgrace!

Letters To The Editor

Bani Saud’s real bosom pals
by Mukhtar Hashmi

October, 2016
Their recent public dealings have exposed the Bani Saud as bosom pals of Bani Isra’il, write Mukhtar Hashmi.