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Ayatullah Jannati elected to head Iran’s Assembly of Experts
by crescent-online.net

May, 2016
Long-standing pillar of the Islamic revolution, Ayatullah Ahmed Jannati was elected head of Majlis-e Khobargan (Assembly of Experts) today. His election has laid to rest all the misleading speculation about who would win this important position.

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Bani Saud-Bani Israel alliance out in the open
by Yusuf Dhia-Allah

May, 2016
The Najdi munafiqs’ cover has been blown by fast-paced developments in the region. They fought the Prophet (saws) 1400 years ago and are fighting his committed followers today.


Why peace eludes Syria and Yemen
by Zafar Bangash

May, 2016
The people of Syria and Yemen would want nothing better than peace but foreign powers are determined to continue the mayhem with tragic loss of life.


Significance of the Isra and Mi‘raj
by Zafar Bangash

May, 2016
Isra wal mi‘raj is an important event in Prophetic history. It falls on the 27th of Rajab. Muslims celebrate it with elaborate programs. Equally important is to study the events leading to the mi‘raj to derive lessons for their wayward journey in this life today.

News & Analysis

Turkey to reconcile with Zionist Israel
by Ahmet Aslan

May, 2016
Recep Tayip Erdogan has had to eat crow and is trying to ingratiate himself to the Zionists once again as he continues with his destructive policy of destabilizing the Muslim East undermining Islamic self-determination.

Islamic Movement

In memory of Dr Kalim Siddiqui
by Zafar Bangash

May, 2016
Who was Dr Kalim Siddiqui and what contribution did he make to Muslim political thought and the larger Muslim Ummah are highlighted in Zafar Bangash’s paper delivered at the memorial conference in Toronto on April 23.

Special Reports

Al-Qaeda leader who wasn’t: the shameful ordeal of Abu Zubaydah
by Rebecca Gordon

May, 2016
Abu Zubaydah was never a member of al Qaeda and had nothing to do with 911 yet he was accused by the likes of Rumsfled and Bush of being al Qaeda’s number 2. He was tortured and waterboarded 183 times, the highest of any prisoner based on false allegations. US presidential candidates want to continue these practices!

Editor's Desk

Zionist crimes against Palestinian children

May, 2016
While the Muslims’ attention is fixated on the tragic events in places like Syria, Yemen, Iraq etc, the Zionists are busy killing children in Palestine.

Letters To The Editor

Tribute to Dr. Kalim Siddiqui

May, 2016
Mohamed Bokreta from Algeria pays tribute to Dr Kalim Siddiqui