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Bani Saud in panic mode as Congress overrides Obama veto over 911 charges
by crescent-online.net

September, 2016
For the first time during Barack Obama's presidency, the US Congress has overridden his veto of a bill. It relates to the Congress approving a bill that would allow families of 911 victims to sue Saudi Arabia and seek compensation for their losses. The Saudis are shell shocked and cannot believe what has happened despite spending tens of millions of dollars in lobbying efforts.

Main Stories

Coup-stricken Erdogan rethinks friends and foes
by Ahmet Aslan

September, 2016
July’s failed coup attempt in Turkey has exposed more than the coup plotters. Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan has realized that Western rulers and Nato members are not his real friends. Russia and Iran are.


Understanding Hajj beyond rituals
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2016
Despites its being one of the most important pillars of Islam, most Muslims have little understanding of Hajj beyond rituals. Its most important function—declaring dissociation from the mushrikeen—is seldom mentioned. It must be understood and revived to conform to the divine commands.


Hijab, burkini, and Islamophobia
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2016
Led by the French, most Western officials seems to have taken leave of their senses. How else can one explain the ludicrous ban on burkini—the full body swimwear used by some Muslim women—under the guise of protecting women’s freedoms?

News & Analysis

Bani Qaynuqa‘, Bani al-Nadir, and Bani Qurayzah back in Madinah!
by Tahir Mustafa

September, 2016
The Zionists are not shy about declaring that hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been visiting ‘Saudi’ Arabia even though the two regimes have no formal diplomatic relations. We need to bear in mind that Zionist maps show Makkah and Madinah as part of ‘Greater Israel’.

Special Reports

Islamic Iran’s and Hizbullah’s heroic resistance
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2016
The months of August and September highlight two anniversaries: the first, Hizbullah’s valiant resistance to Zionist aggression against Lebanon in 2006 and the second Islamic Iran’s eight year long epic defence of the Islamic State against the combined might of kufr emanating through Ba‘thist Iraq.

Book Review

Evaluating Obama’s legacy as president
by Eric Walberg

September, 2016
Canadian writer and scholar Eric Walberg reviews two books that consider Barack Obama’s legacy as president.

Editor's Desk

Erdogan’s mixed signals after the failed coup

September, 2016
While publicly expressing anger against the US for being involved in the failed coup plot against him, Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan seems to be following a contradictory path. Is he serious about what he is saying or merely playing politics?

Letters To The Editor

Leading academics condemn Indian crimes in Kashmir

September, 2016
Letter writer Kamran Shaikh takes heart from the fact that more than 850 academics have signed an open letter to condemn Indian State crimes in Kashmir.