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West Point ‘professor’ calls for bombing ‘Islamic holy sites’
by crescent-online.net

August, 2015
Spreading poisonous propaganda against Muslims and calling for war on Islam are a growing industry. A notorious American professor who has lied about his academic and military credentials has joined the list. He does so while holding the position of "assistant professor" at the West Point Military Academy where American cadets are trained. He is likely to poison the minds of some American officers.

Main Stories

Global seismic changes follow Iran deal
by Tahir Mustafa

August, 2015
The US and its European allies have been forced to accept Islamic Iran as the pre-eminent regional power.


Implications of the Iran nuclear deal
by Zafar Bangash

August, 2015
Islamic Iran withstood decades of sanctions and imperialist-Zionist threats because it has muttaqi leadership and committed masses that support the Islamic system.


Posts, power and legitimacy
by Zafar Bangash

August, 2015
Legitimacy does not come from a person holding a particular post or office. Muslims need to develop a more critical assessment of this aspect.

News & Analysis

The odd couple: Erdogan and Najdi Bedouins
by Zafar Bangash

August, 2015
There is nothing common between Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan and the Najdi Bedouins in illegal occupation of the Arabian Peninsula. What brings them together is their common hatred of Islam and the Islamic Republic.

Special Reports

Yemen: the Saudi “lebensraum”

August, 2015
Hanan al-Harazi, a Yemeni refugee in Kenya talks to Vanessa Beeley about her escape from Yemen and the “Saudi” crimes against her people.

Book Review

Critical look at the Charlie Hebdo affair
by Eric Walberg

August, 2015
Last January’s Charlie Hebdo affair evoked strong emotions against Muslims led by the French government. Veteran American journalist Kevin Barrett assembled a host of writers transcending religious barriers to reflect on the issue.

Editor's Desk

Quds rally and Zionist tribal warfare in Canada

August, 2015
Toronto not only has the honour of hosting the largest Quds Day rally in North America but its growing success has led to fighting among Zionist groups. The Jewish Defence (Offence) League thugs attacked B’nai Brith for not joining them in a counter rally. May the tribe fight forever, Amen!

Letters To The Editor

Shocking facts about depleted uranium

August, 2015
Use of depleted uranium has caused a massive upsurge in cancer-related deformities and deaths in Iraq. Those responsible—American politicians and generals—should be tried for war crimes.