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Brexit vote knocks the bottom out of Britain
by crescent-online.net

June, 2016
Europe is in political and financial turmoil following the referendum in Britain where 52% voted to leave the European Union (EU). It has forced the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron who wanted Britain to stay. The EU leaders are angry and want the Brits to get the hell out and not wait until October to start the process of separation. The EU itself may not survive the shock.

Main Stories

Is Aleppo the new graveyard of empires?
by Catherine Shakdam

June, 2016
Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and commercial capital before the war, has become a test case for the future of Syria and may become the empire’s graveyard.


Dealing with the problem of Bani Saud
by Zafar Bangash

June, 2016
Muslims must understand that Bani Saud are a colonial creation that are serving the interests of imperialism and Zionism. Under their control, historical sites have been destroyed and Hajj reduced to mere rituals.


Muslim world plagued by ‘strongmen’
by Zafar Bangash

June, 2016
Why does every ruler in the Muslim world feel the urge to present himself/herself ‘strong’? The answer lies in the fact that most lack legitimacy and therefore must project the image of power to appear strong.

News & Analysis

Rush hour in Tehran!
by Waseem Shehzad

June, 2016
Tehran, capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, also suffers from the problem of modernity: traffic congestion and pollution. Officials need to pay serious attention to address both problems.

Islamic Movement

The Imam’s ijtihad on the Islamic state
by Tahir Mustafa

June, 2016
As Muslims worldwide commemorate the late Imam’s 27th anniversary, we reflect on some of his greatest achievements, among them his ijtihad on Islamic government.

Special Reports

Furkan: Turkey’s genuine Islamic movement
by Mehmet Abdullah

June, 2016
The ruling AKP party in Turkey stands exposed. Its Islamic credentials are suspect. There is, however, a genuine Islamic movement in Turkey: Furkan Vakfi. It needs to be better known.

Editor's Desk

Crimes of the Bangladeshi regime

June, 2016
Hasina Wajed, the Bangladeshi prime minister, is on a witch- hunt. She is executing political rivals after putting them through kangaroo trials. She is dredging up old hatreds that will cost her dearly as well.

Letters To The Editor

Dr. Kalim Siddiqui was a great man

June, 2016
Letter writer Zahiruddin Sheikh pays tribute to the late Dr Kalim Siddiqui as a great man.