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Gaza and the Threat of World War
by John Pilger

September, 2014
In his Edward Sa'id Memorial lecture in Adelaide, Australia on September 11, John Pilger exposes the corporate media's complicity in Israeli crimes and how the world is being pushed into a World War.

Main Stories

Saudi regime’s hatred of Islamic movements
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2014
While claiming to be carrying the banner of ‘Sunni’ Islam, the Saudi regime has visceral hatred for any genuine expression of Islam. We examine why.


Palestinians and the ICC
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2014
Is it a good idea for the Palestinians to take their case to the International Criminal Court? We look at the conduct of such institutions.


War on Gaza: winners and losers
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2014
Zionist Israel may have killed thousands of civilians in Gaza but it has failed to achieve any of its military objectives.

News & Analysis

ISIS: the plan to remake Syria and Iraq
by Ayesha Alam

September, 2014
The group, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It has been cobbled together the US and its Nato and regional allies to redraw the map of the Middle East starting with Syria and Iraq.

Special Reports

Turkey during and after the presidential election
by our own correspondent

September, 2014
Turkey has a new president in Recep Tayip Erdogan, hitherto Turkey’s prime minister. Our correspondent reports what he saw before, during and after the election in Turkey.

Editor's Desk

Resistance forced Israel to accept truce on its terms

September, 2014
Hamas and Islamic Jihad, showing resilience and determination, have forced the zionists to accept their terms for a truce. Israel failed to achieve its objectives in its onslaught on Gaza.

Letters To The Editor

Remembering Sabra and Shatilla massacre

September, 2014
Thousands of Palestinians and Lebanses were massacred by Christian Phalangist forces supported by Zionist Israel in 1982. Reader Mohamed E. Hawash recalls the Zionist-Phalangist crimes.